Wax Your Bikini Line At Home

bikini waxing

Waxing is one best way to remove unwanted hair in bikini line.It looks even better when done every three to four weeks.As we know it is very expensive to do in salons having someone do for you.It is much easier to do by yourself.Here are some simple tips and tricks you can follow to gain a soft and smooth bikini line.

1 Get the right Wax Strips, As the waxing area is very sensitive you have to make sure to get the right wax that suits your skin.Choosing incorrect one could lead to more pain and irritation. Usually hard wax works best for many skin.

2 Clean the area with mild soap and water, before you start waxing take a good shower and start waxing with good quality mild soft and warm water.Be sure to keep the area dry, preferably pat dry it before the start.

3 Heat the wax to the right Temperature, you can use microwave to make it warmer.Wax warmers also helps a lot in keeping the wax’s temperature constant throughout the process, it helps in not making it too hot nor cold.But at the end microwave is much cost effective and an easy option.

4 Choose a Comfortable Environment, make yourself comfortable in a lonely place. Don’t try to do it in a living room or a place with people moving around.Use a large mirror so you can see it in all angles, Use your bed to lay down for more comfortness.

5 Test the Wax and apply, do a patch test before applying the wax. Make sure you test for the quality, temperature and if any skin irritation is caused. Use a wax applicator to apply and scrape off any extra wax if anything is left.

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