Vitamins you need for Flawless Skin and Healthy Hair

At one point of our time we get ourselves busy, so we won’t take much care of our body well.This is where you need essential vitamins to keep up a healthy hair and skin.Nutrients are all available within our home, we need not search for expensive supplements in market.Here are few tips that can be followed to get a healthy glowing Skin and Hair.

1 Omega-3 Fatty Acids, which are excessively available in fishes like sardine, mackerel and salmon.They help in keeping the skin moist, prevents aging and gets rid of wrinkles.Also its use in hair is tremendous as it prevents the drying of scalp and keeps it away from flaking.

2 Vitamin C, it has multiple benefits and are greatly available in fruits or vegetable that are in bright red and yellow colors.It prevents hair loss, induces hair growth and gives thicker hair.While Vitamin C Deficiency causes split ends in hair.So always make sure your body is sufficient with it.

3 Vitamin E, same as vitamin C is a great antioxidant which fights against the fine lines of wrinkles formed due to aging.You can regularly add foods to your diet that are rich vitamin E like avocado and olive oil.

4 Iron Intake, with iron hair becomes shining, thick and strong.Also iron supplements keeps nails strong and does not break easily.There are food which are so rich in iron like dates, spinach, cashew nuts and oysters.

5 Extracts of Fern, one of the very rarely known secret supplements to get a beautiful hair and skin is the Fern Extracts.It is also used in treatment for certain skin conditions like eczema and vitiligo.It contains properties of anti-inflammatory agents.It greatly helps in the nourishment of skin and hair.

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