Tips to Remove Acne Scars


A clear pretty face is more attractive than a face with acne scars.However getting rid of scars is more difficult than getting rid of acne.There are so many natural ways for  Getting rid of pimples easily.All it takes is a little time and perseverance also the right usage of best home remedies.Here are some simple tips you can follow to get flawless clear skin.

1 Olive Oil, its a miracle treatment for skin as it contains a bunch of vitamins, Iron and many anti oxidants.The anti inflammatory properties of this essential oil helps in removing the scars and gives a shining look to the skin.Apply olive oil and gently pat it on skin to massage.Later 10 minutes have a warm water steam to open up the pores.By this way it releases the dirts and keeps the skin clear.

2 Tomatoes Cucumber Mask, a rich source for vitamin C.Raw tomato paste mixed with cucumber juice is an incredible mask to removes scars.This is the most easiest mask that can be prepared.Just crush some ripen tomato pulp with some cucumber juice on it and apply generously over the affected areas.Repeat this at least twice a week to get best results.

3 Lemon Honey Mask, Lemon acts as a natural bleaching agent which helps to make the acne scars or spots lighter.It happens gradually as the acid also helps in brightening the skin.Mix honey and lemon in equal quantities with the help of a cotton ball press the mixture on the face where scars are present.Wash your face thoroughly with cold water after 5 minutes.Keep doing until you find the results desirable.

4 Baking Soda, the most popular home remedy which removes acne scars.Bleaching powder with its exfoliating properties gently scrubs off the dead cells and scars away from the skin.It does at an ease without any inflammation to the skin.Just the bleaching soda and water mixture would suffice for this treatment.

5 Cocoa Butter, a fat obtained from cacao seeds acts as an excellent natural moisturizer to the skin.It is so gentle on skin as it does not give any harsh effects.It removes the acne scars gradually over time and gives a  soft and supple feeling to the skin.


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