Tips to keep car clean & organized

1 Always have your  wipes in stock

Wipes can be useful in many ways like cleaning the hard surface to remove dust and dirt. Always have some in your glove compartment.

2 Keep a trash can in the car

Be it a simple bag or a small container or a fancy auto trash can have something within reach to throw out the waste ones.

3 Have some paper cups, plastic spoons and other fancy cutleries

This is needed especially when you go out on a picnic or eat your to-go food during the drive, these are always helpful.

4 Clean up before leaving the car

Always follow the “Clean car golden rule”, as soon as you get away from a car, do a two-minute clean check as you may be requested for a ride by someone. This includes throwing away useless paper bits, dust around the seat etc.

5 Take care of your cup holders

Give your cup holders the care they need.Use a scrubber if needed to take away the dirt.Make use of ceramic coasters as they may be fun looking.


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