Tips to grow Long Hair

Long and gorgeous hair is always admirable by everyone.We all dream of getting a long, healthy hair but often miss the right solution.A Good hair care routine helps in growing a marvelous hair.Here are some simple remedies you can follow to get a  great hair.

1 Are you washing your hair the right way? There are many factors that contribute to hair growth one among them is how you wash your hair and how often you wash your hair.You must at first remember that your hair is the most fragile part of your body.If you wash it too many times you hair may ten to break.This widely prevents from hair growth.So make sure you wash at least 3 times a week and not more than that.

2 Avoid using Hot Water. Since your hair is very fragile, washing it with hot water makes it harsh for hair. So, always wash it with the coldest water which you can handle because cold water helps in closing the cuticles and retains the moisture. At the worst case, if you are forced to take hot water shower, after you are done finish it off with some cold water.

3 Avoid using Harsh chemicals.Poor quality shampoo or conditioners give rises to bad hair growth.Most of the shampoos has sulphate which damages the natural oil secreted from the scalp and conditioners contains silicones which when coats the hair need very rigorous wash.So always go for shampoos which is free from sulphates and parabens.

4 Apply Natural Oils. These oil will add shine and moisture to the hair.It nourishes the scalp and reduces dry scalp also it fights against dandruff. To apply oil in a great way, take any natural oil, heat it to make it warm,then apply on to the roots of the hair and massage thoroughly to the scalp.Put a shower cap to it and leave it overnight.Oil is the best source of vitamins for hair which is an inexpensive natural remedy. You can use coconut oil, almond oil and olive oil.For thinner hair to make it thicker and long, Rosemary Oil or Pomegranate Seed oil can be used.Jojoba oil works great for all types of hair.

5 Eat well and take proper hair growth supplements. proteins are the building blocks for a strong healthy hair.Foods rich in biotin intake contributes majorly to hair growth.You also need some amount of good fats which are rich in omega 3 fatty acids like avocados, nuts and flax seeds.

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