Easy Hacks to Apply False Eyelashes

pretty eyes

Are you a worrier have thin lashes?? Here is the beautiful discovery to make every women’s eyes pretty.Yes! False Eyelashes.Applying false eyelashes on eyes could sometimes be a tricky job.One should make sure it stays long and safe throughout the day.Here are some easy hack you can follow to apply fake lashes. 1.Use a Eyelash curler First, it acts as a nice base for the false lashes to sit upon.It opens up the eyes better to make it look big. 2 Apply Mascara, a good coal black mascara works perfect.It adds…

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How to Get rid of Dark Circles

Dark circles around eyes are the most tiring thing someone can en counter. It is also called as dark rings.There are certain reasons one can get dark circles like aging,heredity,stress and lack of sleep.Both women and men fall into the trap of dark circles. Although it is not a big skin problem, this can be handled by following simple home remedies which benefits you greatly to get away from dull looking dark circles. 1 Almond oil is an amazing ingredient that is very valuable for the fragile skin around your eyes.When almond oil…

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