Easy Hacks to Apply False Eyelashes

pretty eyes

Are you a worrier have thin lashes?? Here is the beautiful discovery to make every women’s eyes pretty.Yes! False Eyelashes.Applying false eyelashes on eyes could sometimes be a tricky job.One should make sure it stays long and safe throughout the day.Here are some easy hack you can follow to apply fake lashes. 1.Use a Eyelash curler First, it acts as a nice base for the false lashes to sit upon.It opens up the eyes better to make it look big. 2 Apply Mascara, a good coal black mascara works perfect.It adds…

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Easy Hacks to get Bright Eyes

Eyes are the windows to see this beautiful world.Should we make it beautiful to see that world? We know a sparkling charming eyes are the most attractive ones.It is a dream for everyone to have pretty eyes.Here are few simple hacks to get bright dazzling eyes. 1 Apply Nude Eyeliner. Yes, on applying nude eyeliner to your waterline it is the best way to fight against red eyes.It helps in whitening up your eyes and reduces the redness. 2 Use Mascara.Curling up your lash lines is extremely important.Use a mascara…

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How to choose the Right EyeLiner

Choosing your right EyeLiner Eyes, it has often been said, are the windows to the soul. They are the mirrors of heart. According to the report from the experts of London it is said that beautiful eyes are very important for charming personality. Without beautiful eyes a person is nothing and not so much charming And also it said, woman who likes to be charming must care their eyes beauty by using good Eye liner. Different types of Eyeliner The options are plentiful, so today we’re breaking it down and giving…

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