Remove Unwanted Facial Hairs Naturally

Get Rid of Facial Hairs with Easy Hacks

Is is quite annoying when you find unwanted hairs on your pretty face? There are lot easy solutions and quick home remedies to get rid of unwanted facial hairs and bring back your beautiful shining face flawlessly.

1 Use Chickpea flour.Use the mixture of chickpea flour, turmeric and some milk.Make it to a nice paste and apply all over the places where you find those tiny annoying facial hairs.Leave it over for half an hour, once dried wash your face with running water.Continue this process, soon those unwanted hair will wither away from your face.

2 Drink Spearmint Tea. Normally,Excessive hair growth is often contributed by over production of androgen to our body. Spearmint tea greatly helps to regulate hormone levels.Boil a cup of water if you have dried spearmint leaves use four to five.Now let the mixture to boil for 10 more minutes.Strain the liquid and drink twice a day.

3 Honey with Lemon juice, this mask tremendously helps to remove fine hair from your face.Honey helps in softening the hair due to its moisturizing property and lemon juice cleanses  and acts as a exfoliating agent.

4 There are numerous organic gels available in the market but while buying make sure it contains tea tree oil extracts.This mineral keeps the skin fresh and extremely helpful in removing fine scare and hair.

Raw Papaya paste is capable of breaking the hair follicles and destructs the hair growth.This not only removes unwanted hair also exfoliates the skin and give soft texture.Mix the raw papaya and turmeric together, apply the mask on the affected area for 20 minutes and wash off.Soon you can find the difference when repeated twice a week.

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