Privacy Policy

PrettyFolks adhere to a very strict privacy policy. We provide at most importance to needs of the readers and hence give high security to the privacy.

Here are some of the common terms  of our privacy policy:

What Information we collect ?

There is no information needed for the end of a reader to just browse our website.But to comment on any post or to contact us, we require basic information an Email Address and a Name.

What are we doing with your information?

The information provided is used in one or more ways as

(1) To personalize reader experience

(2)To upgrade our website

(3)To establish friendly relationship

(4)To maintain the operations our site

(6)To meet legal compatibility

Note: No information provided by a reader, whether publicly or private, will be disclosed, traded, shipped, or given to any other parties for any reason whatsoever, without proper consent.

How is your information secured?

No matter, if you submit a request or simply browse our web pages , we assure you that your personal information is very safe with us. To give full security to the worthy information offered by our reader, we have designed our site in such a way that there are no loose ends in protecting  your privacy.

As we value the personal information , we have come up with a safe secured environment.

Cookies Usage

To enhance your experience we use cookies. Cookies are small files that are transferred by the website from the hard disk of the user’s computer. These files provide a piece of personal data about you or your preferences.

Do we disclose any information to outside parties?

We do not sell, trade, or transfer any of the information provided by our reader to outside parties.

How do we handle comments?

We welcome comments from our readers.Comments are screened before being published.When it complies with all our guidelines, only then the comments are displayed. If you face any kind of problems while updating your comments, you can Contact Us anytime.

Will there be change of privacy policy in Future?

We reserve the right to change this privacy policy from time to time without prior notice.

NOTE: By using the site,, you  agree to the terms and conditions . You can access our privacy policy constantly to make sure  you understand our current policies.

If there are any queries regarding our privacy policy feel free to visit our Contact Us page to give feedback.