How to take care of your Feet

We all long for a beautiful feet especially during summer, the time where flip flops and sandals are at the peak.Good feet takes you to great places.They carry you around overtime, should you take proper care of it.Here are some easy steps you can follow to get a soft and beautiful feet.

1 Wash your feet properly, take some ample to to wash your feet nicely once you return from outside.There are lots of invisible dusts stuck to your feet which should be removed.So, wash it with warm and clean water generously.

2 Apply moisturizer. if you want soft feet like a babies, apply a good quality moisturizer.This keeps your feet soft and supple all day preventing from dry skin and breakouts.It is advisable to use creams that are rich in Vitamin E.Massage gently after applying and wear a cotton socks to get its maximum effect.

3 Keep trimming your nails.Trimmed and pretty nails makes the feet even more beautiful.Make sure you cut out the broken and ingrown nails. Also don’t make it too short as it can cause discomfort feeling.

4 Apply Nail polish that suits you.Everyone notices once feet definitely than face. So always be sure to present yourself completely.Apply nail polishes that suits you the best.Also make sure you reapply and remove it on a regular basis.There are certain nail polishes now available that keeps your nails healthy.

5 Give your feet a scrub.Soak you feet in warm water it improves the blood circulation .After done use a foot scrubber to scrub off the dry skin.Go for a pedicure parlor atlas once in two months.Try rubbing your feet against pumice stone when your feet are damp.

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