How to remove Cakey makeup

Cakey makeup can get extremely annoying. It is not necessary that every time you will get fresh and perfect makeup. When you set out to a party, it is not required that you will get the right makeup. Most of us spend much time doing makeup before leaving the house, but then once we reach the house, we end up messing it. All of it is due to the weather conditions. The makeup can last longer during the winter seasons, but it may get cakey during the winter. Some of the common makeup mistakes that you can ever witness include smudged lipstick, clumsy eyelashes or streaky foundation. It is common for all of us to go through these mistakes. However, we can get over it.

Smudged Lipstick

Most of the women are the victims to lipstick smudging, bleeding lips and such problems. It is common. If you’re one of them, you can choose to use a creamy formula with the matte lipstick and liners. This way, your lipstick won’t smudge and last for a long time. You can also use a primer pencil to avoid smudging. It will add color to your lips. The matte concealers can also be useful.

Allow the moisturizer to dry

The key to flawless looking skin is an effective moisturizer. Before you begin using it, you should allow your skin to soak it properly. If you do not give it the time to settle in your skin, it can leave marks on your skin. Moreover, the uneven blend won’t look good. After you up your moisturizer, wait for 5 minutes before putting up the makeup.

Clumsy mascara

Clumsy mascara is yet one of the biggest makeup mistakes that women commit. It would help if you preferred cleaning the clumsy mascara by applying a small amount of water. If you have waterproof mascara, you can use a silicone-based makeup remover. You can use the brush to even up the mascara. Once you make the lashes wet, you can separate them and roll the clumsy ones. So if you notice any clumsy lines, you should not worry since it can be easily solved. However, if you encounter this problem on a regular basis, you should prefer changing the mascara brand.

The wrong color

Our skin tones are different. Thus, what may look good on others may not look good on us. The cakey makeup is the result of wrongly chosen foundation shade. If the foundation shade is extremely light or dark, it becomes prominent of you wearing it. Before you select the shade of the foundation, you should check for it in the daylight. If you cannot differentiate between your skin and makeup, then it is the right shade for you.

Blush overkill

All of us are prone to applying too much of blush. This can be quickly resolved by using a clean brush. It would help if you preferred blending it in the right matter. You can apply some pressed powder to make it less prominent. There are blenders available in the market these days which can tone down the foundation. It makes the layer smooth and effective blushing. Instead of using the brush, you should prefer using a blender.

Overdone eyebrows

Dramatic eyebrows are great, but overdone ones are not. You should choose a shade that can match your eyebrow color and not something that looks full or us dark in color. The slightly matching colours help to achieve a natural looking brow. Blonde eyebrows look good, but that does not match everything.

Cakey makeup or overly done makeup can be a significant drawback when you’re out for a party. It is better to keep it subtle and something that matches your skin tone. You should research adequately, before making a final decision.

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