How to Reduce Dark Spots on Face

What are Dark Spots?

Dark spots also called black spots are the discolored patched skin. These spots appeared not only on the face but also on different body parts such as shoulders, arms and back. These spots are developed due to the excessive release of the compound called melanin which is mainly responsible for the black spots on human body and especially on the face. These black spots produced vary according to their shades and sizes and can be covered temporary by using makeup. However, there are certain methods other than makeup which can be used to remove these black spots from the face.

Reasons of Dark Spots

Excessively exposure of the skin to sunlight, hormonal imbalance, facial hair removal, injuries and aging are some of the reasons due to which dark spots developed on the face.

How to Reduce the Dark Spots on the Face

Dark spots can be reduce or removed by various ways such as

  1. Laser technology

Laser technology can be used to treat the black spots of the face. Laser treatment is selected according to the spot size and their darkness. A number of sessions are required to remove these black spots. After laser treatment the skin become more sensitive to sun light, therefore sun light should be avoided for few days or good quality of sun screen should be used while going outside the home.

  1. Chemical treatment

This technique is called chemical peeling. In this method the chemical is applied on the skin having the dark or black spots. The chemical applied on the black spot remove the spots and activate the regenerative cells. Two acids namely alpha hydroxyl acid and trichloroacetic acid is used for the treatment of the black spots. The chemical is selected according to the darkness and depth of the spot on the face. For the purpose of the removing or peel of the black spots the acids are applied on the face either as superficial peel, medium peel or strong peel. After chemical treatment some pain killers are recommended to relax the treated inflamed skin. Like laser treatment, this treatment also need more sessions to remove the dark spots. Like laser treatment, in this method the skin become more sensitive red and inflammation of the skin happened, therefore sun light should be avoided for few days or good sun screen should be used to avoid the exposure of the skin towards the sun light.

  1. Liquid nitrogen treatment

This treatment is also called as cryosurgery and is done under the supervision of the medical doctor. In this method, liquid nitrogen is sprayed on the face with black spots. The spray freezes the dark spots and make it white color. The process of making the spot freezing is done several times by the doctor and becomes hard called scab. The scab is shed off in a couple of weeks by itself. However, the scab should be not be removed manually and should be kept dried using petroleum jelly.


Natural Ways to Reduce Dark Spots

  1. Lemon juice

Lemon juice can be used as a natural way to reduce or remove the dark spots of the skin especially face. However, concentrated lemon juice should not be used on skin as it will harm the skin. It is therefore recommended to dilute the lemon juice with purified clean water and then should apply on black spots. For this purpose you need one lemon, filtered water and cotton balls. Equal amount of lemon juice and filtered water should be taken in clean bowl and should be applied with the help of cotton balls on the dark spots. This should be left for 20 minutes and after that the face should be washed with normal water without using any soap. The treatment frequency should be adopted for each alternative days.

  1. Vitamin E oil treatment

Dermatologists recommend vitamin E, as it reduces the dark skin or spots. Vitamin E help in regeneration of the damaged cells. This is one of the reason that vitamin E is used in the skin care products especially face creams. Technically vitamin E work as antioxidant which target the free radicals responsible for the black spots formation. Vitamin E oil can be used on the dark spots with clean fingers and should be rubbed to remove the dark spots. This treatment should be done on the daily basis before going to the bed.

  1. Potato treatment

Potatoes are rich in starch and sugar. The potato have a magic effect on the removal of dark spots of the skins and help in growing of the new cells. For this method potato and a knife is needed. The potatoes are cut into thin slices and soak with minimal water. The cut slices are then kept on the dark spots for 10 minutes. This treatment should be done on daily basis to get the maximum benefits.

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