How to Prevent Dry Lips

Cracked or Dry lips are most common in dry and cold weather. They might create a look of weakness to ones’s face.There are few easy ways of preventing sore lips and recreate gorgeous soft lips.

1 Drink a plenty of water. Atleast 2 liters or half a gallon of water is a must to hydrate your body.Often when your body is dehydrated, lips shows the symptoms of getting cracked.So drinking enough water keeps lips crack far away.

2 Exfoliate you lips regularly. Lips exfoliation keeps the dead cells away and give a soft supple look. This can be done even after taking a shower, since the lips will be more delicate after the shower it will be much easier to remove away the dead cells.This can be done more easily by taking toothbrush as an exfoliating brush rather than using fingers.

3 Apply few soothing oils. Its important to keep your lips moisturized all day.So grab a little oil and gently rub while preventing it from further damage.Use natural moisturizers the keeps skin fragile, those made from nut oils and seed butters like cocoa butter,almond oil,coconut oil,olive oil.

4 Use a Good quality Lip Balm instead of licking or peeling your dry skin. Lip balms always make miracles happen, so carry a lip balm handy to use whenever you feel dryness on lips.Make sure to reapply the balm every time you rinse your mouth. 

Take proper vitamins intake, there are few vitamins like A,B,C,B2 and E which when depleted in the body causes sore lips.So always make sure you get enough of these supplements.

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