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A cute girl always stands in for a guy’s eye.However we know appearance are deceptive charmless and cuteness in a girl will make any guy fall for her.There are many aspects which one likes and one don’t.But here are few tips for women where most of the guys fall for.

1 You need not be sexy. To make someone fall for you doesn’t include this factor.Being cute includes how childish you are but when you fake it, this doesn’t work.Be a polite confident women. Don’t rely too much on melting his heart.Being yourself will pull men towards you.

2 Don’t be too picky.Being a perfectionist at all times can be quite boring.A messy hair look a lot cute and prettier than a hair that is done for hours.Go for pastel colored clothes instead of bright colored ones.As pastel ones are softer on eyes and it gives a great feeling.If you are planning on a date nothing could be much better than sky blue or a light baby pink.

3 Skip your makeup! Go natural and minimize your makeup.Heavy makeup may give you a sexy and glamorous look but not cute.So, try shades of nude colors to look romantic.A confident women with no makeup up on her is a bold move which is loved by most of the guys.

4 Smile, its the best makeup a women can wear.Smile make you look beautiful also it keeps up your health.Smile a lot.Give a gentle cute flattering smile.Try this in front of your mirror.You will know its magic.

5 Eye Contact,make sure you have a great eye contact with your partner.Some studies have proven that it enhances your relationship. Eyes speak louder than lips.Let your cute eyes speak for you.

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