How to Lighten Hands And Feet

clear legs

Hands and legs are the most visible parts of the body for every human being.So, its important to make sure our hands and legs are well maintained to have a pretty look. Taking simple skin care techniques will greatly help in keeping your hands look beautiful and pretty.Here are some simple tips to get natural permanent looking fair hands and legs.

1 Use Raw Milk, these act as an excellent exfoliater as the lactic acid removes the dead skin.This natural bleaching agent helps in lightening the skin tone.It cleanses and penetrates deep inside the skin thus reducing the darkness slowly.

2 Orange Peels with milk, vitamin C rich source “oranges” one of the greatest exfoliating agent which is the most ideal treatment for skin whitening.It helps the skin look younger and healthier feel.This is one of the best remedy for skin lightening of hands and legs.

3 Almonds pack, just soak 4 to 5 almonds in water overnight.Then remove the skin and grind it to a smooth paste.With that a spoon of gram flour, drops of milk and lime juice.Mix it well into a nice paste and give a gentle massage in circular motion.Rinse it off with cold water after 15 minutes of its application.This bring natural fairness to the skin.

4 Milk Powder, it gives natural glowing to the skin. Mix some almond oil, a spoonful of honey and lemon juice to prepare a thick paste.Apply this mixture on affected areas and leave it for 15 minutes then rinse well with cold water.This pack gives a fair look to hands and legs.

5 Aloe Vera scrubber, get some good quality aloe vera scrubbing gel and scrub gently on skin to remove the dead cells.This exfoliator keeps the skin soft and supple thereby reducing the darkness on hands and feet.

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