How to get Thick Eyebrows Naturally

Get your thick eyebrows naturally

However your skin tone be, dark to fair complexion without proper eyebrows, you are no attractive. we all know that people with thick eyebrows are the most pretty ones,there are some  extremely easy tips, you can follow to have georgeous thick eyebrows.

1 Always massage in opposite directions to your growth of the brows.Whenever you feel give good massage to your eyebrows, do it in the opposite way to stimulate the cells and growth of the hairs on brow bones.
2 Use castor oil while massaging, Castor oil containing omega 9 fatty acids which improves the nourishment of hair and also it helps the hair grow stronger and thicker.
Have some time for its growth.  Yes, always give some regular time intervals while you trim your eyebrows. Minimum of 6-8 weeks leaves a reasonable amount of hair growth which then trimmed gives a great shape and look.
Get proper vitamins intake.Food plays a vital role for hair growth in our body.These supplements not only increases growth in eyebrows rather helps in hair growth too.B complex  vitamins which has biotin benefits scalp circulation and rejuvenates hair follicles.
Using honey olive oil mixture, with the help of your fingers mix the contents well and apply through the strands of your brow hairs to completely immerse them. After 30 minutes rinse it thoroughly with cotton and continue this for two days a week.

You are all set to get pretty looking eyebrows!

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