How to get rid of Upper Lip Hairs

Lips! when they are pretty, Is an added advantage to the face. It looks weird on a girl’s skin with upper lips hairs, also the tiny hairs create a scene of embarrassment in front of guys especially.Here are some easy hacks you can follow to get rid of hairs on upper lips.

1 Waxing with Brown Sugartake two spoons of Brown Sugar and mix it with some water to make a thick paste.Add few drops of lemon to the mixture and slightly heat it on medium flame.Make sure you stir it continuously.Now apply the wax on your upper lips leave it for a minute or two then remove using cotton cloth holding firmly.Take it off against the direction of hair growth.

2. Turmeric & Egg White, this is one of the easiest ways to remove upper lip hairs.Mix some egg white to turmeric and apply on affected areas.It acts as a face mask too. Now gently peel the mask and wash your face with running cold water.

3 Sugar Lemon Mixture, these are such amazing ingredients available in our kitchen. It is one of the best solution to get rid of unwanted upper lip hairs.With the bleaching properties of lemon it acts as a scrub.Also with mild granulated sugar, this scrub works excellent on skin to removes hairs.Gently massage the mixture to and fro on the skin, rinse the area after ten minutes.It gradually reduces the hair growth.

4. Turmeric & Milk mixture, these contains natural healing properties also acts as an skin lightening agent.It give a soft and supple texture to skin and makes it glow.Mix a spoon of turmeric with mild warm milk, make a fine paste out of it and apply on affected areas. In a month’s time you can visibly see the difference on your skin.

5. Gram Flour (Chana Dal Flour),  it is one of the traditional authentic remedy of removing unwanted hairs and it works perfectly fine.Apply this mixture combining some gram floor and water.You can add a pinch of turmeric or cream to make it more effective.It greatly reduces the growth of hair follicles.


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