How to Get rid of Dark Circles

Dark circles around eyes are the most tiring thing someone can en counter. It is also called as dark rings.There are certain reasons one can get dark circles like aging,heredity,stress and lack of sleep.Both women and men fall into the trap of dark circles.

Although it is not a big skin problem, this can be handled by following simple home remedies which benefits you greatly to get away from dull looking dark circles.

1 Almond oil is an amazing ingredient that is very valuable for the fragile skin around your eyes.When almond oil is applied and massaged regularly dark circles fades away slowly. Apart from Almond oil, Vitamin E oil also create miracles.

2 Raw Potato acts as a natural bleaching agents which helps to lighten dark circles and also reduces the puffiness around the eyes.Grate a whole potato and extract the juice from it and apply the juice with cotton around the eyelids after half an hour wash your eyelids with running cold water.Repeat this once or twice in a week.

3 Rose Water is a marvelous ingredient for skin.It moisturizes the skin and enhances the delicacy of the skin. Since it has a mild astringent, it acts as a great skin toner. Apply rose water around the eyes for 15 minutes and wash with running water.Follow this twice daily for few weeks.

4 Tomatoes are an incredible solution to get rid of dark circles, as it helps to decrease the dark circles.All you need  is mix one spoon  of tomato juice with some lemon juice and apply it under eyes. Let it remain for about 15 minutes and then, wash it off nicely with water. Repeat this for at least twice a day. Drinking tomato juice also gives a great relief.

5 One of the main reasons for dark circles is because of stress and tiring job one does.Even though you try for home remedies, calmness lies underneath.Meditating or doing yoga will help you calm the mind and body.So practice yoga regularly to keep your nerves comforting.

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