How to get Pearly White Teeth

Everyone wishes for a shiny teeth, this greatly maintains a smart personality.When you smile the while world notices your teeth.So its important you take good care of your teeth like any other parts of your body.Here are few simple remedies which you can follow to get shiny pearly white teeth.

1 Use Aloe vera.It is mainly considered as an effective teeth whitening remedy. It widely fights the bacteria that causes infection and it is a great source as a cleansing material. It destroys cavities and roots canals.All you need to do is mix some aloe vera with vegetable glycerine and make a smooth paste.And clean the teeth with this paste.

2 Are you a dark chocolate lover? If yes, check this next time.Dark chocolates are very effective whitener for teeth.They are rich in theobromine, which makes the teeth and and makes it shiny.

3 Gargling with Apple cider vinegar.This incredibly brightens up your smile.It not only acts as a whitener but also it kills the germs in your mouth.

4 Eat a lot of milk and yogurt, these are rich in calcium and phosperous. These minerals greatly contribute in promoting the re-mineralization of tooth enamel.It helps to get sparkling and maintains a cavity free teeth.

5 Always bite some crunchy carrots.Raw crunchy carrots are a natural cleanser for teeth.It reduces the plaque and maintains the acid alkaline properties in the mouth which is responsible for killing the bacteria.Like carrots, you can also munch cucumber,celery and broccoli these veggies highly helps to whiten teeth.

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