How to get Dimples Naturally on your Cheeks

We all know that dimple cheeks are the most pretty ones.Dimples formed by mild muscle deformation.They create a small hollow under the cheek bones when smiled for most of them.There are several ways to bring up a dimple naturally.Here are some easy ways how you can do.

1 Suck up your cheeks.This is a very natural exercise which anyone can try.All you need is some patience.blow up and hold the sucked up cheek for atlas 10 minutes whenever you feel relaxed.When doing this have a look at the mirror so that you can adjust your cheeks position.Continue this process over time and slow you can feel the changes.

2 Try Dimple piercing.If you are so desperate about dimples, you can try piercing.However it has disadvantages of getting infected when not done by a professional.So, go for a professional who has a great reputation so that it is safe and successful.

3 Create a bow moon drawing.It is such a simple way, after your makeup is done.Slightly draw a bow moon shape on your cheek where you want the dimple. Give a cute smile and draw a  small bent line along the direction of your smile using an eyebrow pencil that matches your skin tone.Make sure you don’t mess up your makeup.

4 Make use of back side of your pencil. This sounds crazy! as we all have played during our school times. If you have an unsharpened pencil or a pen use that to press it on you cheeks where you want your dimples.Make sure it does not hurt.When this is done continuously you can eventually find the dimples over time.

5 Apply Blush and Eye Shadows.This can give a dimple effect for time being.Fix  point where you need your dimple.Now use good quality bronzer and Blush to highlight your cheek bones.Mildly apply your eyeshadows to bring it to an effect as if you have dimples. Over regular practice you can achieve this effect smoothly.

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