How to choose the Right EyeLiner

Choosing your right EyeLiner

Eyes, it has often been said, are the windows to the soul. They are the mirrors of heart. According to the report from the experts of London it is said that beautiful eyes are very important for charming personality. Without beautiful eyes a person is nothing and not so much charming And also it said, woman who likes to be charming must care their eyes beauty by using good Eye liner.

Different types of Eyeliner

The options are plentiful, so today we’re breaking it down and giving you everything you need to know about eyeliner. The best look is got on choosing the right one that suits your eyes. There are many in their kinds Pencil, Cream/Gel & liquid Eyeliner. A lot of brands of eyeliner are available in the market, so be choosy in selecting the right one that is easy to apply and also the one that looks good on your eyes. Always remember that even though the application of eyeliner looks simple, you can achieve the success only through constant practice.

Essentials to choose Best Eyeliner

1 A variety of pencil eyeliners are available, some are soft and some are harder. Some need to be sharpened manually and others twist up.So if you are a novice in applying liners, the best suggestion is to start over with a pencil/ a tipped ones as they are easy to control and will glide over the skin surface without much effort.

2 Liquid Eyeliners are brighter when compared to pencil Eyeliners, but make sure you are comfortable before you start with liquid liners as they need more practice and are subjected to get smudged easily.

3 Using Eye Shadows as Eyeliner, At times we may run out of colors other than the common ones and also many of us come across a situation where, we wish we had a different colored eyeliner for just one or two occasions. Instead of buying a bunch of colored eyeliners, you can quickly use eyeshadow and an eyeliner brush to achieve the same look.

The color of your hair and skin also plays a role in selecting the ideal color of eyeliner. If you have a cool skin undertone, you have more of a blue base to your skin. People with warm undertones have more of a yellow base, which help you choose the color eyeliner that looks great on your skin.

Use of Liner Brushes enhances the strokes more dramatic, especially for use with dark shades, the Eye Liner Brush is shaped perfectly to create a precise and even line. When the quality of the bristles are good, they help blend the product evenly and won’t swell with time. For different effects of the strokes, use the brush either damp or dry.

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