How to Take Care of Your Nails

Growing faster and longer nails is a much easy but a slow and steady process, As long as you good care is taken.Longer nails look very sexy on one’s hand and are most preferred by women.All you need to follow is to make sure certain measures are taken.

1 Stop your nail biting habit.This normally occur when you are anxious, nervous and at the max when you are bored.So try to fight against this sickness.Make yourself engaged by doing one or the other works when you are bored.Learn the methods to overcome anxiety and nervousness which makes you bite nails. once this habit is suppressed slowly, you can it can be a starting point to grow healthy nails.

2 Make you you do not use your nails as tools.Most of the time we forget that our nails should be handled with care by involving in opening metal containers, scraping and peeling things off.Be cautious before doing such activities using your nails.Have handy tools to finish the job instead of using nails.

3 Slowly peel away the cuticles on fingers downwards therefore by stimulating the nail growth.Soak you nails in warm water with cuticle remover applied on it and peel off the dead cells .Do this unto 4 to 5 times a week.

4 Always keep your nails clean by removing the dirt that is stuck to the inner corners.With the help of a sharp object of even toothpick would do wonders.Remove them slowly starting from one edge.Make sure you don’t use your other finger to do this job as it could make the other finger dirty.

5 Eat foods rich in Vitamin H which contains Biotin.It is one important supplement which is rich in inducing the growth of Hair and Nail.Foods which are rich in Biotin are Avocados, whole grains, mushrooms and bananas.Consuming them in your diet regularly helps you get beautiful nails.

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