Hair coloring for beginners

The first time anxiety is common, but when you choose to color hair for the first time, it can be extremely annoying. It would be best if you had a brief idea before beginning with the process. However, most of us do not prefer going to the professional for the first time. This helps to save money and time. However, if you choose to go to any stylist to get your hair dyed, you should consult with him the kind of hair color you want. If you are using boxed hair dye, you can be a little careful. The below-mentioned steps are the most effective ones for the beginners

Read the manual

Before you start dyeing your hair, you should go through the manual correctly. It would help if you searched for the different pamphlets in the dye’s box. The prints may be hard to notice, but it can save you from the disaster of hair colours. Most people are allergic to colours. Thus you can consider a skin test.

Don’t wash your hair before dyeing it

Most people will often tell you to wash your hair before getting it colored. However, when you read the instruction manual, you will notice that it is written to apply the dye to unwashed hair. You should avoid using any heavy products while dyeing your hair. This because the chemicals may react with that of the dye, thereby damaging the color. You can use natural oils, but in some cases, it may not prove to be safe.

Moisturize properly

Once you color the hair, you should prefer taking necessary steps to prevent the damage of natural oils. You should not shampoo, use dry heat or condition it. Allow your hair to cool and then wash it. The boxed hair dyes can make your hair extremely thick. You should take proper care. You can consider covering the hair with some mashed avocado for at least 30 minutes.

Consider touch-ups

Despite taking proper care, the hair color tends to fade with time. Also, since the hair grows each day, you should consider dyeing your hair once in every 6-8 weeks. If you want to stay out of the risk of re-doing your hair, make sure to choose a more natural looking shade like that of your hair. Apart from it, choosing ombre as the hair color is the most suitable option.

Consider highlighting your hair

If you are scared and not sure if the color will suit you, make sure to highlight. Highlights are done only on the selected streaks of the hair. Moreover, you do not need to visit the salon regularly for constant touch-ups.


Do not choose red

If it’s your first time, it is better if you don’t want red as the hair color shade. This happens because the red shade is hard to maintain. Moreover, the colours do not even come out correctly. Also, if you regret your hair color, you cannot quickly get over red. Experts will always warn you before doing it.


The color will depend on your hair health

The hair health has a significant effect on your hair dye. The broken hairs do not accept the colours, but even if they do, the color won’t last long. So, if you are considering to get your hair dyed, you should prefer trimming off the damaged edges.


The colorist can fix your problem

The color of your hair may not match as that of the picture on the color box. If you faced it and are regretting it, you should consider visiting a professional colorist. They can effectively help you to fix the problem. Although it is time-consuming, at least it won’t be embarrassing.

Dyeing your hair for the first time can nearly give you anxiety attacks. However, if you want to experiment with your look, you should consider getting a hair color.



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