Fruits For Glowing Skin

fresh fruits

A Glowing skin is one example of healthy body condition, no matter how much skin care products you use.If you have proper fruits in your diet, skin glows automatically.A good diet will make the skin look bright, healthy and nourished.So there are some fruits which greatly enhances the skin tone.You can get a radiant and flawless skin when these fruits are eaten regularly.

1 An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor away, as the quote implies..It is one of the rich source in malic acid.It contains numerous health benefits with its glycolic and salicylic acid properties too, which are considered as the best beauty treatments.It promotes youthful and firm skin texture.It prevents skin damage and renews the skin cells.

2 Eat Bananas, one of the greatest potassium source which hydrates and moisturizes the skin.It gives a soft, supple and more youthful look.It also contains various other nutrients like Vitamin A,B and E.It maintains the elasticity and reduces the blemishes in the skin.

3 Kiwi a Vitamin C bundle, which is more than in oranges.Vitamin C is one of the best Skin care solution, which is also known as ascorbic acid boosts the immunity and keeps the skin look younger and fresh.It also rejuvenates the dull skin and makes it bright.

4 Lemon, a marvelous Natural Bleach helps in skin lightening and reduces acne.Also it cleanses the skin tone thereby reducing the dark spots and blemishes.It breaks down any dirt clogging the pores.Daily drink a glass full of lemon mixed in warm water with little honey. This magical drink has many health benefits.

5 Papaya Extracts, which is greatly used in skin care industry in one or the other forms like, soap, body lotion, face cream etc.So, there is a lot of goodness in papaya which is very inexpensive too.Rubbing papaya skin on face gives best results as it improves the skin tone gradually.

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