Easy Ways to Get rid of Pimples

Pimples are the most annoying problem youngsters face in their teens.It gives an appearance of an unhealthy body condition.For few, it leaves over a period of time but for others this may be continuing and the most exhausting problem.There are many easy remedies which are available at home which when followed gives you clear face.

1 Using Apple cider vinegar, this acts as the killer for pimples.It destroys the micro organisms that cause the breakouts and inhibits the growth of those organisms.It is considered as an astringent which helps in removing excessive oil secreted by the sebaceous glands. Mix vinegar and water in 1:3 ratio and apply with cotton on affected areas.Reapply this mixture a few times a day.

2 Lemon Juice, the fruit that has citrus acts as a germicide.This can be quite irritating while applying on face but there results are great.The citrus content when applied over the affected areas removes the blemishes and keeps skin soft and supple.

3 Drink a lot of water, drinking atlas 2 liters of water or a half a gallon everyday keeps you body out of unwanted germs and flushes out the waste that cause pimples.The oxygen in water helps the skin breathe and keeps refreshing all day.Hence contributing to clear skin.

4 Eat a lot of Fresh fruits and vegetables, consuming a lot of them keeps your skin sheen.Taking in fruits and veggies rich in vitamin A helps to keep the skin glow.An apple a day keeps the aging at bay.Applying apple juice on face keeps the face look fresh all day and it also fights against wrinkles by boosting the beauty.

5 Honey mixture, which acts as a great disinfectant, helps in breaking out the microbes present on skin.Use a clean, sterile cotton cloth and dip into honey and apply mildly over the pimples.Let it dry for some time and wash your face with cold running water.

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