Easy ways to get rid of Dark Neck

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Darks necks can be quite embarrassing.We give so much importance to our face and forget our neck, which deserves much attention.There may be one or more reasons for dark necks. However when taken care properly, you can get pretty bright neck.

1 Wash your neck regularly like your face.It can be anytime during the time you wash the face or your bath time.But make sure it is clean.Use a moisturizer after the bath.It keeps the skin soft and supple.

2 Exfoliate your neck as much as possible.Using a scrubber gel, gently exfoliate on the darker skin.There are many home made scrubs which can be used to do this.Dont scrap too much as it can irritate the sensitive skin area.

3 Moisturize you back neck, Often dark patches are caused due to dryness.So after every was, take time to moisturize you neck.

4 Apply Almond Oil, almond oil has natural skin lightening properties.So before a bath, apply Almond oil generously and then take a relaxed bath.Doing this greatly improves skin color over time.

5 Wear Sunscreen. Don’t Step outside your house unless you wear your sunscreen. Harmful UV Rays and other rays could affect your skin to a great extent.So a sunscreen preferably with SPF greater than 30 is recommended.

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