Easy Tips to get rid of Dark Spots

Dark spots or Black spots are the bad kind of look on ones face.But it is very easy to eliminate them and gain lightening on those areas.These are caused by excessive secretion of melanin.They rise to the problems like aging too.So this is the right time to control black spots.

1 Try hydroquinone, this is very popularly known for reducing the blemishes.It contains a bleaching agent that is proven safe to the skin.So go for contents that has kojic acid too, which contains same bleaching properties as hydroquinone.

2 Use Salicylic acid.We know that it is used to treat acne.But not many of us know it treats dark spots as well.I make the outer skin soft and withers over time.It greatly helps in removing the dead skins away from the skin.

3 Take your sunscreen with you.Where ever go do not forget your sunscreen.Harmful sun rays are at times responsible for dark spots.Use a cream that has SPF of at least 30, wear it 20 minutes before you leave home.

4 Go for Medical Treatments if severe.This can be a quicker process but an expensive one.There are numerous therapy available nowadays. The most common therapies available now are microdermabrasion, chemical peeling and laser treatments.It is best to consult a dermatologist to find which skin type you are and what treatments that beast suits you.

5 Aloe vera is the best for all skin types and it is considered as the best natural  remedy over many years.It contains excellent healing properties that evens out the skin tone and reduces the blemishes significantly.

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