Easy Homemade Face Packs

1 For a fair and Glowing skin,Apply a mixture of potato juice and Lemon extracts both in equal quantities.Apply generously on your body parts which are frequently exposed to sun.This helps you get back your skin which is tanned.

2 Saffron and milk cream mask.Mix saffron and milk cream to a thick mixture. Apply on face and leave it overnight.Massage slowly with your fingers, this lightens up the skin tone.

3 Use Dried Orange peels.Have some extracts of dry orange peel mix it generously with thick yogurt.Apply as a face mask twice a week to get glowing skin.This also reduces the blemishes on face.

4 Jasmine Flower Mask.We all know that roses enhances the skin tone, but very few knew about jasmine.Mix jasmine, curd and sugar to a fine mixture.Apply this mask once a week.This keeps the skin soft and supple.

5  Tomato Honey Mask.Take some tomato juice and mix it with pure organic honey.Blend it to a smooth paste and apply over the face.This acts as an incredible cleanser and helps to give radiant glow to the skin.

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