Easy Home remedies for Hair Loss

hair loss

A Bundle thick hair is more attractive than anything a girl can have.But when we encounter hair loss there can nothing be more stressful than that.There can be several reasons behind hair loss like smoking, alcohol consumption, pollution, stress, aging or hormonal imbalance.Certain vitamin deficiency can also cause hair loss. When there is equal growth and fall of hair we don’t have any trouble.But when hair fall rate is higher than the growth rate.Here comes the problem of Hair Fall.So, here are some easy home remedies you can follow at home to overcome hair fall.

1 Warm Hair Oil Massage, one of the most important step to prevent hair loss.Scalp massage makes the blood circulation to improve greatly.Also it strengthens the hair roots and relaxes your mind.Apply oil at last once in a week followed by a shampoo wash.

2 Aloe Vera, it contains marvelous enzymes that contributes hair growth.In addition to its alkaline properties it brings the pH factor to a more desirable level.It relieves hair itching reduces the inflammation, redness and adds strengths to the hair.

3 Fenugreek Seed Paste, which is also known as methi seeds is an effective hair fall solution.It contains hormone antecedents which helps in building hair follicles.It also has nicotinic and proteins which stimulates the hair growth.Make a nice paste out of fenugreek adding a little water.Apply on scalp for 20 minutes and have a nice hair wash.

4 Drink Beetroot Juice, its a juice that is rich in potassium, calcium, protein , carbs and Vitamin C & B.These are the nutrients essential to control hair fall.Also add spinach to your diet and eat a plenty of green vegetables.It improves the overall health also enhances hair growth.

5 Flaxseeds, which are a rich source of omega-3 fatty acts is an incredible solution for hair loss problem.You can either take flax seed oil and apply on the scalp or consume freshly grounded flax seed with a glass of water every morning.This way it greatly helps in hair growth.

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