Easy Hacks to Lighten your underarms

Dark pigmentation skin, that too particularly in underarms area looks really awkward on times wearing sleeveless clothes.It is not any kind or disease or medical condition.These pigmentation are normally caused without being taken care properly.There are few easy hacks when followed regularly can be very effective in lightening the underarm skin tone.

1. Potatoes, the little acidic property present in potatoes is a incredible bleaching agent. unlike other agents it doesn’t cause skin irritation.Cut a fresh piece of potato and gently rub on your underarms.Also potato juice can be applied.Leave the application over 10 to 15 minutes and wipe with cold water.

2. Cucumber, contains natural bleaching properties like potatoes and  which greatly helps in improving discolored skin.Gently apply cucumber juice or its extract make a thick paste with some turmeric to it and apply the mixture atlas twice a week.Wash it with cold water after leaving it over for 10 minutes.

3. Lemon, a multi purpose material which acts as a antibacterial, anti septic and a powerful natural bleaching agent helps get rid of dark pigments in underarms.Applying lemon juice on affected areas greatly reduces the dead skin cell.Don’t forget to apply moisturizer after its application.

4.Baking soda A miracle for dark underarms. Which can be used as an exfoliating scrub to get rid of dark underarms.It helps in unclogging pores and removes the dead skin.Mix a little baking soda with coconut oil and apply the mixture by patting it on the underarms and wash it after 20 minutes.You can feel the instant lighting after some time.

5.Peels of Orange.The orange after its eating their peels can be used by drying it in sun, later scrubbing it over the affected areas.It is an amazing skin lightener and exfoliator.Use running cold water after giving it a good scrub.

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