Easy Hacks To Heal Cracked Feet

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Soft feet is always lovable and pretty.But when we have a cracked get it not only look bad on the other hand it give a pain all the time.Cracked feet which is commonly known as heel fissures is the most common problem for people with all ages.It is normally caused when there is lack of moisture, wearing unfit footwear, cold weather or unclean foot habits.Here are some easy hacks you can follow to overcome cracked feet. 

1 Scrub Well, Scrubbing your feet with a scrubber which is rich in tea tea oil helps in removing the dead cells.It makes the feet soft and supple.Use warm water while doing this as it helps in removing the dirt quickly.

2 Apply Coconut Oil.It is such an incredible remedy for cracked feet.It moisturizes the feet also fights against the bacterial infections.It has anti fungal and anti microbial properties which is of great use.You can substitute olive and almond oil also.

3 Use Glycerin, because of its humectant and moisturizing properties its acts as a great remedy for cracked feet.Mix equal quantities of lemon juice and glycerin apply gently on foot and remove after 10 minutes with a cotton ball.Continue to do this twice a week for best results.

4 Try Epsom Salt, It indeed helps to cure cracked feet as it promotes circulation.The magnesium content in epsom salt helps in removing the toxins present in the body and inculcates the flow of blood in turn giving good healthy skin.

5 The Magical Vinegar.It contains so many uses due to its acetic properties, where it helps in softening the skin.It highly helps in exfoliation a lot easier.Take a Luke warm water with few drops of vinegar to it and gently place your foot.It freshens up the tired feet giving a clean look.

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