Easy Hacks to get Bright Eyes

Eyes are the windows to see this beautiful world.Should we make it beautiful to see that world? We know a sparkling charming eyes are the most attractive ones.It is a dream for everyone to have pretty eyes.Here are few simple hacks to get bright dazzling eyes.

1 Apply Nude Eyeliner. Yes, on applying nude eyeliner to your waterline it is the best way to fight against red eyes.It helps in whitening up your eyes and reduces the redness.

2 Use Mascara.Curling up your lash lines is extremely important.Use a mascara that give thick appearance of lashes.Make sure you curl up both the upper and lower lash lines.

3 Experiment more with Black.Use kajal that are coal black.Also using gel type eyeliners as kajal gives a great definition to eyes.

4 Apply little highlighter to the eye corner.Applying a dot of highlighter to the corner of the eyes give a marvelous look.They helps the eyes to appear brighter and wide.

5 Shape your eyebrows.Go for a regular trimming of your brows.This helps in defining the brows and giving it a great shape which in turn keeps the eyes pretty.

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