Easy Hacks for Body odour

smelly underarms

Body odor is the most embarrassing situation everyone faces, especially on a bright hot day we cannot leave the house without a good deodorant.But these always comes with a factor of risk as the harsh chemicals and alcohol based deos are harmful to skin.But here are some say natural easy hacks you can follow to get rid of bad odor.

1 Baking soda acts as an excellent solution for body odor as it absorbs the moisture and kills the bacteria that causes odor.A mixture of lemon juice and a pinch of baking soda creates wonders.It is the best refreshing and natural deodorant.

2 Apple cider Vinegar, its a great relief for those suffering from body odor.It maintains the pH levels on the skin and controls the sweat glands.Dab on some apple cider vinegar using a cotton ball as it works well for tan removal and gives a refreshing feel.

3 Tea tea oil, a incredible soothing agent to skin,Contains natural healing properties. It contains antiseptic and antibacterial agents which also contains pleasant fragrance which acts as a deodorant.It also heals skin irritation, burns reduces blemishes and moisturizes skin to a great extent.

4 Rose water, the most soothing remedy which removes underarm odor.Just apply few drops of rose water in the underarms gently using cotton balls.Leave it over for 10 to 15 minutes and wash with cold water.You can smell the mild fragrance of rose extracts and it lasts the whole day.

5 Lemon extracts, the acidic properties of lemon kills the bacteria which is causes smell.It is known for changing pH properties on skin.Gently rub the lemon on armpits after bath.It also greatly helps in removing the darkness in under arms.

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