Easy Hacks to Apply False Eyelashes

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Are you a worrier have thin lashes?? Here is the beautiful discovery to make every women’s eyes pretty.Yes! False Eyelashes.Applying false eyelashes on eyes could sometimes be a tricky job.One should make sure it stays long and safe throughout the day.Here are some easy hack you can follow to apply fake lashes.

1.Use a Eyelash curler First, it acts as a nice base for the false lashes to sit upon.It opens up the eyes better to make it look big.

2 Apply Mascara, a good coal black mascara works perfect.It adds volume to your lashes along with the fake ones and give a voluminous look.

3 Cut them to fit your lashes.Use small scissors to cut them and try to get your shape of the lashes.It need to be perfectly cut.As it could give a fake look.

4 Use Adhesive, a good quality adhesive works fine, instead of applying with its on natural gum.With adhesive it is more sealed and comfortable as you can assure it would not wither off at the end of the day.

5 Put them on! With mild adhesive gently blow the lashes instead of applying immediately. By doing this, you can be sure there is a sticky adhesive on the lashes for perfect sealing.After putting them on.Use a eyeliner to cover up any showing edges.To know more on how to choose the right eyeliner.Enjoy your pretty eyes.

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