Easy Facial at Home

facial at home

Face which is refreshing is always pretty! Yes to have a refreshing face we tend to do facials at least once in a month, which is time consuming and expensive too. When there are easy hacks for a facial at home, why should you spend you money at a parlor! Here are some great tips you can follow to get your facial done at home.

1 Cleanse your Skin, its the first step in a basic facial.Try to find out your skin type and do it accordingly.You can use coconut oil which acts as a best cleanser for most of the skin types especially for dry skin.Gently massage in circular motion giving your skin a mild massage.Leave it over for some time to let your skin absorb the minerals of the oil.You can also use olive oil or almond oil.

2 Exfoliate the Skin, there are several ways you can do so, use shower scrubbers which are rich in vitamin E or the extracts of tea tree oil.apply on skin.with soft strokes going upwards press it to relax.wash your face with lukewarm water after 10 minutes of exfoliation.It removes the dirts and dead cells on the skin.

3 Take a steam, it is one of the best step in facial.It soothes the skin and mind.Take a medium hot water.Gently show your face on it vapors to lets the pores open.This way all the remaining dead cells are thrown out.You can also add some aroma oils to the hot water while steaming.

4 Apply face Masks, there are numerous ways you can create face masks at home. See easy ways to create face masks at home in no time.It hydrates the skin and rejuvenates to give a fresh look.Apply any mask for around 10 to 20 minutes.Over that try to use cucumber to cover your eyes or use a cotton ball soaked in water.

5 Apply moisturizer, apply your face moisturizer to the skin.Its the final part of your facial.It protects your skin without any damage.

This way you can try facial to keep your skin soft and supple.The freshness in face may last up to one to two weeks depending upon how you maintain.

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