Easy Exercise for Weight Loss

Getting overweight or being fatty is now days quite common. The reason of being overweight might be due to the lack of exercise and un-healthy life style. Here are some of the easy exercises that will help you to get into shape and to avoid the overweightness. Being in shape is quite easy job, but you have to put constant efforts in order to reduce body weight. Here are some of the simple exercises which can be easily followed to reduce body weight and keep yourself fit and healthy.

  1. Walk

In order to be in good shape and loss body weight, you have to walk every day. However, due to laziness or busy schedule, we couldn’t find time for the walk.  A daily walk will not only keep us active as well as it will help us to reduce our body weight. Experts says that a daily walk of half an hour is quite enough for body weight management.  Slowly start your walk on daily basis like five minutes a day and keep increasing the time and pace of walk as you progress.

  1. Body weight exercise

In order to shed some extra fat from your body, the squats should be incorporated into your daily exercise plan. Squats are the exercise which target the fat content of the thighs and keep thighs in good shape. Squats will help you in weight loss and help in reducing overall body weight. It is a compound exercise in which more muscles are used which increase your heartbeat and give you a feel of cardio exercise. In order to do proper squatting, keep your back straight and thighs parallel to the floor. One of the study shows that 100 squats can easily burn 108 calories. It should be kept in mind that proper squatting technique is most important as bad technique will lead to the knee and backbone injury

  1. Rope skipping/jumping

Rope skipping is the simple but the most effective exercise for the weight loss and should be incorporated to your daily routine exercise. Rope skipping is one of the best exercise for weight loss. It is one of the aerobic exercise which help you make in good shape by losing some extra stubborn fat of the body. Jumping rope burns 10 calories per minute. It is highly recommended that you should start jumping rope for 10 minutes daily and gradually increase the time for increase stamina. Rope jumping is a full body exercise and helps you burn more calories. Beside, weight loss this exercise makes your bones strong and improve your breathing efficiency.


  1. Abdominal exercise

Abdominal fat is the most stubborn fat which is quite difficult to loss. For that reason exercise like crunches should be added to daily routine exercises. Crunches target your abdominal fat and hence help you reduce body weight.  For doing this exercise you just need a mat and your strong will to do it. Initially you will feel quite difficult but as you keep continue you will feel better and will notice progress. The proper way of crunches is that you have to lay back flat on the floor and pull yourself towards the knees. It is recommended that three sets should be done every time with 25 repetitions in order to get the maximum benefits. This exercise burns 60 calories in a day while doing just for 6 minutes of the activity.

  1. Love handles exercise

Love handles are the fat content deposition at your abdominal sides. This fat can be target and can be melted by the exercise called leg raises. For this exercise, you have to lay on the floor on either side and left your leg as much as you can. This is the exercise which burn 60 calories while you raise your leg 300 times. This exercise can also be done while standing. This exercise will reduce your side fats and give you a leaner look.

  1. Stretching exercise

Stretching exercises also help in losing weight. It is the exercise which will help you relax, improve your body flexibility as well as blood circulations. Stretching is done either in the start of the exercise or at the end of the exercise. Stretching for 10 minutes every day will help you burning approximately 50 calories.

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