Best Nude Lipsticks for Indian Skin

Nude lipsticks are that which are perfect for workplace and have long durability. Nude lipsticks are also a good option when have high eye makeup. However, this lipsticks is go according to your skin tone. Before finding a nude lipstick, one must have to figure out complexion undertone such as warm, cool or neutral. Lipsticks are chosen or selected on the basis of its longevity that how much time it stay on the lips, its texture and smoothness. Here are some of the best nude lipsticks for Indian skin. They are MAC Mocha, MAC Fresh Brew, MAC Velvet Teddy, MAC Kinda Sexy, Lakme 9 to 5 Lip Color–Coffee Command, MAC Cherish, MAC Cosmo, MAC Hug Me, NYX Frappucino Lipstick, MAC Honeylove, MAC Freckletone, MAC Myth,NYX Round Lipstick – Hermes, Maybelline Color Sensational The Buffs – Stormy Sahara and Colorbar Creme Cup.

  1. Mac Mocha

This is a unique lipstick and is suited for a wide range of skin tones. It stay around 5-6 hours. The texture of this lipsticks is creamy and it glides very smoothly. This lipstick is recommended for the users who love to wear different shades of brown.

  1. Mac fresh brew

This lipstick comes in a neutral brown shade and is opaque with excellent texture. This lipstick is quite hydrating and light and stay for four hours. However, this lipstick is less pigmented has a sheer coverage.

  1. Mac Velvet Teddy

This lipstick is quite smooth and opaque with pink nude shade. This lipstick stay 5 hour longer on the lips and keep the lips moist. The lipstick not get caky on the lips and its staying power on the lips is quite good. However, this lipstick is not easily available in the market.

  1. Max Kinda Sexy

This lipstick has a pink color with matte finish which is good for light skin tones and is best suited with dark eye makeups. This lipstick stay for four hour on the lips, keep the lips moist and do not settle down on the lips fine lines. It glides easily on the lips.

  1. Lakme 9 to 5 Color-Coffee Command

This lipstick has a perfect nude color and stay longer for around six hours with a touch of creamy color and color fix technology. Other attributes are good moisturizing effect on lips and has a smooth and soft texture. This lipstick has additional nutritional profile such as vitamin E and wheat germ oil.

  1. Make cherish

This lipstick has a peachy shade with satin finish, and gives shiny gloss and is completely opaque which lasts for four hours. If used with combination of gloss and liner this lipstick stay longer than four hours. Other characteristics of this lipstick is that it glides easily and having a creamy appearance, however, this product is difficult to find in the market.

  1. Mac Hug Me

This lipstick has a peachy pink color with creamy and satin finish. Usually this lipstick lasts for maximum of 3-4 hours. This lipstick work like a lip balm leaving a glossy finish.

  1. NYX Frappucino lipstick

This lipstick is made of the brown, peach and pink color with buttery texture and is nude shade for medium skin tone which stay for 2-3 hours on the lips. This lipstick has a good moisturizing effect and hence no lip balm is needed over it. Other attributes which make it special are this lipsticks on settle on the lips line and give a good color on a single swipe. Texture is creamy and is slides very smoothly and melts very easily during summer season.

As a final conclusion, if your skin tone is brown, the Mac Mocha Shade is a better choice to use. These shades are aesthetically goes with your skin tone, giving you a natural and classy look.

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