Herbal Skin Care Tips

face mask

A bright fresh looking skin is a great concern for women. Even though there are numerous cosmetics available in the market, we do not realize that simple herbs in our backyard would work incredibly for the skin.However we know that those cosmetics are made up of many chemicals which causes many side effects and obviously they give temporary results.Here are some simple tips you can follow to get a gorgeous skin herbal. 1 Ghee and coconut oil massage, Gently with upward strokes massage your cheeks before going to bed.It vitalizes…

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Fruits For Glowing Skin

fresh fruits

A Glowing skin is one example of healthy body condition, no matter how much skin care products you use.If you have proper fruits in your diet, skin glows automatically.A good diet will make the skin look bright, healthy and nourished.So there are some fruits which greatly enhances the skin tone.You can get a radiant and flawless skin when these fruits are eaten regularly. 1 An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor away, as the quote implies..It is one of the rich source in malic acid.It contains numerous health benefits with its glycolic…

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Easy Home remedies for Hair Loss

hair loss

A Bundle thick hair is more attractive than anything a girl can have.But when we encounter hair loss there can nothing be more stressful than that.There can be several reasons behind hair loss like smoking, alcohol consumption, pollution, stress, aging or hormonal imbalance.Certain vitamin deficiency can also cause hair loss. When there is equal growth and fall of hair we don’t have any trouble.But when hair fall rate is higher than the growth rate.Here comes the problem of Hair Fall.So, here are some easy home remedies you can follow at…

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How to look cute

cute face

A cute girl always stands in for a guy’s eye.However we know appearance are deceptive charmless and cuteness in a girl will make any guy fall for her.There are many aspects which one likes and one don’t.But here are few tips for women where most of the guys fall for. 1 You need not be sexy. To make someone fall for you doesn’t include this factor.Being cute includes how childish you are but when you fake it, this doesn’t work.Be a polite confident women. Don’t rely too much on melting…

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Easy Hacks To Heal Cracked Feet

clean foot

Soft feet is always lovable and pretty.But when we have a cracked get it not only look bad on the other hand it give a pain all the time.Cracked feet which is commonly known as heel fissures is the most common problem for people with all ages.It is normally caused when there is lack of moisture, wearing unfit footwear, cold weather or unclean foot habits.Here are some easy hacks you can follow to overcome cracked feet.  1 Scrub Well, Scrubbing your feet with a scrubber which is rich in tea…

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Easy Facial at Home

facial at home

Face which is refreshing is always pretty! Yes to have a refreshing face we tend to do facials at least once in a month, which is time consuming and expensive too. When there are easy hacks for a facial at home, why should you spend you money at a parlor! Here are some great tips you can follow to get your facial done at home. 1 Cleanse your Skin, its the first step in a basic facial.Try to find out your skin type and do it accordingly.You can use coconut…

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Easy Hacks for Body odour

smelly underarms

Body odor is the most embarrassing situation everyone faces, especially on a bright hot day we cannot leave the house without a good deodorant.But these always comes with a factor of risk as the harsh chemicals and alcohol based deos are harmful to skin.But here are some say natural easy hacks you can follow to get rid of bad odor. 1 Baking soda acts as an excellent solution for body odor as it absorbs the moisture and kills the bacteria that causes odor.A mixture of lemon juice and a pinch…

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Easy ways to get rid of Dark Neck

clear skin

Darks necks can be quite embarrassing.We give so much importance to our face and forget our neck, which deserves much attention.There may be one or more reasons for dark necks. However when taken care properly, you can get pretty bright neck. 1 Wash your neck regularly like your face.It can be anytime during the time you wash the face or your bath time.But make sure it is clean.Use a moisturizer after the bath.It keeps the skin soft and supple. 2 Exfoliate your neck as much as possible.Using a scrubber gel, gently…

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Easy Hacks to Apply False Eyelashes

pretty eyes

Are you a worrier have thin lashes?? Here is the beautiful discovery to make every women’s eyes pretty.Yes! False Eyelashes.Applying false eyelashes on eyes could sometimes be a tricky job.One should make sure it stays long and safe throughout the day.Here are some easy hack you can follow to apply fake lashes. 1.Use a Eyelash curler First, it acts as a nice base for the false lashes to sit upon.It opens up the eyes better to make it look big. 2 Apply Mascara, a good coal black mascara works perfect.It adds…

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Easy Hacks to Lighten your underarms

Dark pigmentation skin, that too particularly in underarms area looks really awkward on times wearing sleeveless clothes.It is not any kind or disease or medical condition.These pigmentation are normally caused without being taken care properly.There are few easy hacks when followed regularly can be very effective in lightening the underarm skin tone. 1. Potatoes, the little acidic property present in potatoes is a incredible bleaching agent. unlike other agents it doesn’t cause skin irritation.Cut a fresh piece of potato and gently rub on your underarms.Also potato juice can be applied.Leave the…

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