Easy Exercise for Weight Loss

Getting overweight or being fatty is now days quite common. The reason of being overweight might be due to the lack of exercise and un-healthy life style. Here are some of the easy exercises that will help you to get into shape and to avoid the overweightness. Being in shape is quite easy job, but you have to put constant efforts in order to reduce body weight. Here are some of the simple exercises which can be easily followed to reduce body weight and keep yourself fit and healthy. Walk…

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How to Feel Fresh

There are various ways to keep ourselves fresh every day. Here are some of the tips which can help you to remain fresh and active during the whole day. Proper sleep To keep yourself fresh and healthy you must have a proper sleep. Experts says that a proper sleep of 6-8 hours is good for optimal health. The proper and enough sleep will recover your body quickly and will prepare you for the next day activity. Therefore, it is important to take a proper and enough sleep each day. Physical…

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How to remove duplicate comma separated values within a cell

The following macro will help you remove the duplicates and give you a clean string. Function stringOfUniques(inputString As String) As String Dim inArray() As String Dim xVal As Variant Dim s As String inArray = Split(inputString, “,”) For Each xVal In inArray If InStr(s, Trim(xVal)) = 0 Then _ s = s & Trim(xVal) & “,” Next xVal stringOfUniques = s End Function Step 1: To insert a macro, If you are using a Mac, click fn+alt+F11, This is how you can open a macro screen, Step 2:  Paste the above…

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Tips to keep car clean & organized

1 Always have your  wipes in stock Wipes can be useful in many ways like cleaning the hard surface to remove dust and dirt. Always have some in your glove compartment. 2 Keep a trash can in the car Be it a simple bag or a small container or a fancy auto trash can have something within reach to throw out the waste ones. 3 Have some paper cups, plastic spoons and other fancy cutleries This is needed especially when you go out on a picnic or eat your to-go food during…

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How to lose weight fast

1 Eat whole and unprocessed foods. Base most of your food on whole grains. These are healthier, more filling and much less likely to cause overeating. 2 Eat your food slowly. Studies show that fast eaters gain more weight over time than slow eaters. Eating slowly makes you feel full and boosts the great weight-reducing hormones. 3 Eat soluble fiber. Studies show that soluble fibers incredibly reduce fat, especially in the belly area. Fiber supplements such as galactomannan also help in weight loss. 4 Get a good night’s sleep, all…

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Protect your skin from Summer Tan

1 Exfoliate your skin to keep it smooth Exfoliation removes dead skin and prevents congestion thereby improving hydration.Use any cream with a good SPF amount to shield it away from the sun. 2 Keep skin all day hydrated Toners are one of the refreshing moisturising prep, it evens out the skin porosity. 3 Drink a plenty of water You become easily dehydrated when you are in outdoors during summer, which can result in headaches or dizziness! So drink at least 8- ounce of water.This water helps maintain the moisture content in…

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How to Lighten Hands And Feet

clear legs

Hands and legs are the most visible parts of the body for every human being.So, its important to make sure our hands and legs are well maintained to have a pretty look. Taking simple skin care techniques will greatly help in keeping your hands look beautiful and pretty.Here are some simple tips to get natural permanent looking fair hands and legs. 1 Use Raw Milk, these act as an excellent exfoliater as the lactic acid removes the dead skin.This natural bleaching agent helps in lightening the skin tone.It cleanses and…

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Tips For a Perfect Dinner Date

candle light dinner

If its your first date. First of all congratulations on it.This is one of the best memories a couple could celebrate for lifetime. A perfect dinner date is no pain at all.All you need to remember is simple things to carry yourself throughout the day. So consider these tips which is ideal for a perfect date before your start one. 1 Plan Ahead, do some basic research on the places, dresses and type of food your partner likes.Hear suggestions from your friends to get more ideas preferably women. Impress your partner…

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Smoothies For Weight Loss


The most popular weight loss diet in recent times is Smoothie Diet.These are the best compensation for breakfasts in todays modern days.A good weight loss plan includes proper diet and exercise.So having one smoothie a day is a great diet.Here are some easy smoothies you can make at home and have a healthy life. 1 Avocado & Blueberry Smoothie, Take equal quantities avocados, blueberries and a spoonful of cinnamon or maple syrup. Blend it well adding some water. This smoothie is low in calories with rich sources of fiber, vitamin…

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Best Foods For Weight Loss

fresh vegetables

Losing weight is one of the hardest tasks in the world! But the stress to reduce weight can be reduced by half when following certain routines.Some of which include regular exercise, proper diet and sleep.Of which Diet plays a major role.So here are some best foods sorted to let you know which gives maximum weight loss results. 1 Whole Eggs, there comes a twist in the tale! As we all know eggs directly contribute to cholesterol.But recent studies proves that it does not have anything to contribute to cholesterol neither…

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